Press and Praise

Cascadia Creamery cheeses are receiving great acclaim and accolades. We have been featured in Cheese Connoisseur, Capital Press and Gourmet News and have been mentioned in the Seattle Times, Culture Magazine, Edible Seattle, Cheese Market News, Sunset Magazine, Gorge Magazine, and on the Food Network.

Smooth and Elegant

"The Sleeping Beauty is a natural rind cheese that is wonderfully smooth and elegant." Leah McFadden
Shootin the Bries

Umami and Earth

"Glacier Blue smelled pretty mild. There was a slight bit of pungency, but mainly, I sensed a bit of bread and earth. Tasting it (and this was echoed by several subsequent French tasters) was reminiscent of the Fourme d’Ambert, with an assertive, lingering sense of umami and earth." Miss Cheese Monger, Veronique Kherian
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A European Classic

"Made in Trout Lake, Washington, the Cloud Cap is very Caerphilly-esque. It’s a terrific take on a European classic but with more wild garlic notes coming through." Steve Jones - Interview with Huffington Post
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Depth and Complexity

"John Shuman is doing great things with cheese up in the Trout Lake area and Glacier Blue is a new one from him. I’m amazed at the depth and complexity of this blue cheese – caramel notes, blue sharpness, all of the great flavors of Stilton, but from Washington. Very cool!" Tami Parr interview by DC CHEESE for Cheese and Champagne
Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival

Consistently Delicious

"I’ve tried this cheese several times in the past few months and found it consistent and consistently delicious. It has a thin, dimpled natural rind liberally dusted with mold and a firm, brittle interior. The hue is mottled—a pale butter color at the center, darker near the rind. My favorite feature is the aroma—a clotted-cream, crème fraiche scent with a hint of damp cave—but the tart, tangy finish and unusual texture please me, too. On first impression, the cheese seems dry and almost crumbly, but let it sit on your tongue and the creaminess emerges." Janet Fletcher
Not a Fairy Tale

Mild and Rich

"Sleeping Beauty has a sweet milky or buttery scent, not at all like the stronger aromas associated with some cheeses. Mild and rich in the mouth, but with complex savory and herbal notes. I notice that cheeses made from grass fed milk often have more interesting herbal tones…. I found that eating the cheese was like sinking into a warm, comfortable chair… I would pair this cheese with a softer and more retiring wine—a Viognier with just a little bit of residual sugar seems like it might be an ideal match, a soft rose, a moderately dry Riesling, or the aforementioned Season Cellars Transparency." The Kiva
Cheese and Wine Spotlight for October


"Blue veins and pockets of mold create a gorgeous art piece that is also delightfully delicious. Made with raw cow’s milk cheese, it’s umami-rich and hits a perfect balance of salty, sweet, buttery and savory" Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival


"Cascadia Creamery Glacier Blue: Meaty! Fatty! Salty! Mild! Glacier Blue is all of these things and more. Blue, but not in-yo-face blue, this is a good beginner cheese for those that don't look favorably upon Penicillium. Glacier Blue is a brine-lovers dream, wrapping your palate in a blanket of salt so delectable you may have to quell the urge to face-plant into your wedge, mouth open, hoping to sweep this luscious cheese over as many of your tastebuds as humanly possible. A touch sweet with a little grassiness to every bite, Glacier Blue is a Pacific Northwest winner." Stephanie Stiavetti
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"This is a raw organic cow’s milk blue that reminds us a lot of stilton—really just young, and lots of roasted nut flavors. It’s a really approachable, fantastic blue for everyone" Roxanne Davis for Portland Monthy
A Local Cheese Plate from Cheese Bar’s Steve Jones

Staff Pick

"Sawtooth from Cascadia Creamery in Trout Lake, Wash. This rich cow’s milk cheese is fudgy, smooth and peaty with a ripened washed rind to give it just enough funk." Judy Allen, writer for Food Network
Great Cheese Shops from Coast to Coast, Portland Ore. Cheese Bar


"Customers have been RAVING about Sawtooth from Cascadia Creamery in Washington. Melt in your mouth creamy texture. Savory, meaty flavor" The Wedge & Wheel