Sleeping Beauty
Smooth and buttery with a supple sharpness and a unique natural rind that reflects the changes of the seasons. Named after a signature landmark of the Cascade range - the legendary 'Beauty' that came between the mighty Pahto (Mt. Adams) and Wy'East (Mt. Hood) peaks. Like its namesake, this alluring cheese can move mountains.

Glacier Blue
An approachable blue with a deliciously rich, savory flavor and luxurious texture. Coined by locals as "the Gateway Blue", this cheese will convert anyone into a blue cheese lover.

Cloud Cap
A dynamic cheese with several layers. A firm citrusy interior with grassy notes transitions to a mushroomy outer layer capped in an earthy natural rind reminiscent of a soft white cloud.

Taste the alpine pasture terrior of Mt. Adams (Pahto) - rich and smooth with herbaceous swissy notes. Like its namesake, Pahto provides a unique alpine experience.

Seasonal Varieties
Available in limited quantities we make a handful of special small batch cheeses.

*Cascadia Creamery cheeses are USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth