Sleeping Beauty
Smooth and buttery with a supple sharpness and a unique natural rind that reflects the changes of the seasons. Named after a signature landmark of the Cascade range - the legendary 'Beauty' that came between the mighty Pahto (Mt. Adams) and Wy'East (Mt. Hood) peaks. Like its namesake, this alluring cheese can move mountains.

Glacier Blue ®
An approachable blue with a deliciously rich, savory flavor. Coined by locals as "the Gateway Blue", this cheese will convert anyone into a blue cheese lover.

Cloud Cap
A dynamic cheese with several layers. A firm citrusy interior with grassy notes transitions to a mushroomy outer layer capped in an earthy natural rind reminiscent of a soft white cloud.

Taste the alpine pasture terrior of Mt. Adams (Pahto) - rich and smooth with herbaceous swissy notes. Like its namesake, Pahto provides a unique alpine experience.

Fudgy, smooth and peaty with notes of freshly pickled walnuts and honeycomb. Smear ripened washed rind - aged 60 to 75 days. Available year round in limited quantities.

Seasonal Varieties
Available in limited quantities we make a handful of special small batch cheeses.

*Cascadia Creamery ® cheeses are USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth